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Snow Park Krvavec

For snowboarders and skiers interested in doing tricks on various structures and jumps.

Krvavec Snow Park welcomes all who find a day of skiing on ski runs lacking in challenge. All those skiers and snowboarders who are yet to experience a variety of tricks on different facilities and ski jumps as well as those who are more experienced visitors to the snow park will find Krvavec Snow Park a wonderful experience.
  • Length: 800 metres
  • Altitude: 140 metres
  • 6 jumps (from 3-12m)
  • 10 facilities (straight box 2x, kink box, flat rail, double barrel rail, down rail, double kink rail, elbow rail, canon rail and barrell)
  • The bottom half of ski run 15.
Google street view

Google street view

Opening of runs and snow conditions