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Nordic Walking

Are you interested in a simple, relaxing and above all fun workout? Nordic Walking is the right choice!

Nordic Walking is a simple workout which strengthens the whole body. Primarily it has positive impact on weight loss, blood circulation and flexibility of the body, balance, coordination, aerobic endurance and a healthy back. This type of workout is, because of its simplicity, suitable for all age groups. It is on of the most healthy exercise which does not require prior physical condition and also does not burden the joints.

The basic of this type of workout is a normal walk, which can be more efficient by applying additional techniques. With the proper use of walking sticks we can encourage up to 90 percent of all muscles in the body. It really can be an ideal form of strengthening the entire body.

Despite the fact that Nordic walking is one of the simple forms of exercise, it is important that it is carried out properly. In order to avoid incorrect implementation, which often leads to injuries, it is important to learn the proper techniques. For those who would like to learn the proper techniques we therefore offer Nordic walking courses where:

  • You learn different techniques of Nordic walking and learn the proper execution;
  • You will learn about the other various exercises for strengthening and stretching the muscles;
  • You can test the right Nordic sticks;
  • We will analyze your walking technique;
  • And above all where you will stretch yourself in a good company and in the fresh air.


Nordic walking guide


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