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Perfect conditions for paragliding - a high geographical position, ascent with the cabin car and a beautiful panoramic view.

Krvavec is a very popular take-off for paragliding due to its vicinity to Ljubljana and easy accessibility. The high geographical position of this take-off allows long descents and a special advantage is that you can access it with the cabin car

Krvavec offers very good conditions for paragliding and is therefore popular for tandem flights. It is also an excellent choice for your first paragliding experience. A panoramic flight will delight you with a wonderful view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karawanken. 

Ascent with the cableway

The cabin car will shorten and facilitate a big part of the ascent. You only have to walk from the upper station of the cabin car to the summit of Krvavec. We prepared a special offer for paragliders who can now choose between a single ride with the cablin car and a daily ticket. This means that you can afford a lot of flights in only one day!

Tandem flights

If you would like to experience paragliding in a tandem, please contact:
Mr Matic Erbežnik
Phone: 041 265 835


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