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Summer park Krvavec

Adventure park and 6 additional activities. Descents with mountain go-karts, monster roller and bikes.

Opens on 18th May 2019.

The Summer Park at Krvavec offers an abundance of fun for all the family with numerous activities such as games, active spending of free time and a day filled with fun in the fresh air. Young, individual sportspersons as well as families will enjoy their time spent at the summer park. 

The Summer Park offers several fun and adrenalin activities which are included in two packages:

  • The Adventure park with 6 additional activities
Ticket includes return journey by cable car, adventure park, climbing wall, trampoline, polygon for archery, slack-line, Frisbee golf and air-bag downhill. 

  • Descents with Mountain go-karts, Monster rollers and Mountain bike down the Bambino Trail.

Ticket includes 4-Chair lift Tiha Dolina and rental of requisites. Descent are available as stand alone activities in Summer park Krvavec.

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Adventure park and 6 additional activities

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park provides fun activities for all the family through the adventurous path through a specially designed polygon that runs as an adventure trail through the woodland. Different climbing obstacles and equipment with different difficulty levels are installed between trees for all adventurers to overcome whilst having lots of fun.

Climbing wall

The climbing wall allows its visitors to have fun whilst attempting sports climbing. The climbing wall is composed of four sides of different difficulty levels from very simple to extremely demanding.


Anyone using the trampoline can have fun trying to make attractive and high jumps, whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of the entire Tiha Dolina.


An attractive polygon made up from elastic ropes strung between trees just 40-50 centimetres above the ground. Participants have fun while attempting to beat the polygon without touching the ground.  This is a fun-filled activity and is a completely safe way of developing your motor skills.

Frisbee golf

A number of different attractions resembling a golf ground.  The target hole is represented by a pole and a circle enclosed in a chain where you aim to throw the Frisbee in as few attempts as possible. Frisbee golf is an enjoyable activity for all the family.


The archery polygon with a variety of targets is suitable for groups and individuals under the watchful eye of the instructor.

The tube descent

A conveyor belt leads to the start of the track where an exciting and joyful ride on an air mattress begins along a 100 metre long winding path.

Descents with Mountain go-karts, Monster roller and Mountain bike

Mountain go-kart and Monster roller

An exciting downhill along the macadam route in an attractive Mountain go-kart or Monster roller. The is probably the most attractive playground equipment of the Summer Park and certainly one of the activities you should not miss.

Mountain bike descent down the Bambino trail

Enjoy mountain bike ride down the Bambino Trail which gives you right mountain bike thrill. It is appropriate for beginners who are only getting acquainted with the fascination of mountain cycling and children over 7 years of age. The start of the route can be reached with a chairlift Tiha dolina. 

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