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Audi quattro giant slalom test

A new giant slalom run with an excellent view and enabling time testing. The winner of the day is awarded a prize!

Audi quattro giant slalom test

The commercially used giant slalom ski run with timing has been relocated to a new, more attractive route,  in the bottom part of run 4 which in recent years has not been maintained by the retractor.  In contrast to the previous route the new one is visible  from start to finish, making it far more interesting for competitors and spectators alike; in addition, the new route allows many different layouts.  Access to the start is now available from the upper part of runs 1, 6 and 7.  The run operates daily in normal weather conditions which ensure safe skiing.

To enjoy this run and time yourself, just purchase a €2 token at the Starting point or in the Info office of the upper cable car station.

If you prefer, you can enjoy one of our wellness services ranging from an intimate infra red and Finnish internal and external sauna with exit directly onto the snow. Both of these will improve your immune system, promote detoxification of your body, increase calorie use and thus improve your general well-being.

Audi quattro speed test

In the vicinity of the Audi quattro giant slalom test (provide link to avoid repeating the text) you can test your skating skills. Within the length and width that permits safe stopping is a route where you can test your skiing speed with the help of photocells.  

This is a novelty in our ski resorts which has become the subject of different internal bets and pub debates as to who is the fastest skier. The run operates daily free of charge in normal weather conditions which ensure safe skiing.

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