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For children

Polygon for beginners located at Gospinca

The Gospinca Polygon is a polygon for beginners and represents the best playground for children and skiing beginners. The polygon includes an 80 metre long conveyor belt for children, a children merry-go-round and a variety of playground equipment.

The School of Snow Sports is located next to the Polygon and includes a Reception Desk and a gathering point. Nearby (the upper cable car station) is also the Rental and Service of Ski Equipment. In addition, the offer for children and skiing beginners in this part of the Ski Resort is complemented by Luža, a children’s drag lift, which brings you to the top of an easy ski slope. The Gospinca Polygon is located on the lower part of the Krvavec Ski Resort in the immediate vicinity of the upper cable car station (50 metres) and the lower station of the single-chair lift, the Vrh Krvavca six-chair lift, the Tiha Dolina four-chair lift, and the Luža children’s drag lift. 

Polygon for beginners and sledding ground at Kriška Planina

The Kriška Planina Polygon for beginners will provide a delightful experience for the entire family. It is accessible by car and all activities at the Polygon are free of charge. The polygon includes: the longest drag lift for children in Slovenia (35m long), various playground equipment and a sledding ground.

The Kriška Planina Polygon for beginners is located on the eastern part of the Krvavec Ski Resort, on the Kriška Planina Alpine meadow, near the Kriška Planina two-chair lift. In the immediate vicinity of the Polygon, you can invigorate your strength on the Viženčar Alpine Dairy Farm or on the Pr'Florjan Agritourism Farm.

Children's drag lift at Luža

The Luža drag lift for children is the most sophisticated equipment of the Krvavec ski resort complying with all the latest safety standards for passenger transport. The easy, undemanding terrain and rings provide ideal conditions for instructing children for independent use of ski lifts.

Ski School and Ski Rental for Children

The first contact with snow is extremely important for young skiers. Bring your young ones to the Krvavec Planina and leave them with our resourceful ski instructions who use play and fun to introduce children to the magical world of skiing. The offer includes individual ski instruction as well as group instruction all lead by experienced and licensed instructors. In addition, all ski equipment for children is available for rental. You can monitor your child's first attempt at skiing through a telescope or you may prefer to enjoy care-free skiing on the Krvavec ski slopes.  

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JECOM ŠPORT (Gospinca) +386 (0)4 27 11 808 +386 (0)4 27 11 808 +386 (0)31 301 250 +386 (0)31 301 250

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