Various facilities and terrain forms for boundless children's fun in the snow.

The Manner children's Park is for our younger visitors. It contains two sliding elements, waves and two smaller ski jumps. Elements through which children learn to balance and coordinate skis through fun. It is colorful and with its position in the forest environment presents a fairy-tale image, which is a prerequisite for well-being for children. The park lies in the area of the Luža ski lift, on the right in the direction of the ski lift. The park is not formally designated as a ski area under the Law of Ski Resort Safety, so its use can be wider than just skiing and thus allows sledding, snowbiking, airboarding. All these activities, including skiing, are carried out by the users at their own risk.

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A winter fairy tale in white or a wedding in the middle of flowering pastures? Marriage is a special event in the life of each of us. Experience the most beautiful day in your life in the arms of the mountains at the highest wedding location in Slovenia. If you want a different, unique and inimitable wedding in the heart of the Kamniško - Savinjske Alps, HOTEL KRVAVEC is the right choice.

The Krvavec Goblin Adventure

Go on The Krvavec Goblin Adventure, which unveils the mysteries of a shepherd's mountain and is a true family adventure!

Adventure park

Krvavec summer park with active adventures offers the possibility of playing, active leisure and all-day outdoor fun. It is intended for young, individual recreationalists or groups and families. It includes as many as 5 different activities that complement each other, so you can experience everything in one day.

Adrenaline drops

Krvavec Summer park also offers 3 crazy adrenaline drops with mountain go-karts and scooters or by bike along the Bambino trail, which is suitable for beginners in mountain biking and children from 7 years of age, or those, who measure 140 cm or more in height.

Bike park Krvavec

Bike park Krvavec with its diverse trails offers a varied adrenaline experience for all tastes and so descending on our trails is right for everyone.