Dolga njiva is the most picturesque and idyllic mountain far around. It seems like time would not touch it at all.
Shepherds settled it already in Roman times, and herds of sheep and horses still graze on the vast green pasture slopes.

In summer, you can join a group of hikers every Saturday at 10:00 am, who take this beautiful path with a guide. With a pack on your shoulder, hiding a refreshing alpine snack, you will walk from the upper cable car station past the Krvavec Hotel and towards Zvoh, where, just before the summit, the path turns left towards a mountain called Dolga njiva. There is a fairytale meadow waiting for you, where you look at the horses and herds of sheep and the idyllic views of the Alps, refresh yourself with an alpine snack and head back to the starting point after a rest.

Price of the trip:

  • 19,00 EUR (included brunch in the pack and the guide)
  • 29,90 EUR (included cable car transport + brunch in the pack and the guide)
  • 10,00 EUR (pack)

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