Experience an unforgettable romantic ride with a piste machine to the top of Krvavec and enjoy a thousand drops of sparkling wine in the idyllic views of the Alps. After an interesting drive to the Krvavec Hotel, discover the secrets of the Krvavec mountain, and let us take you into a wonderful culinary experience on the hotel terrace in an intimate setting with an open fire. A 4-course menu will caress your taste buds and take you far away from worrying into a magical evening.

After a romantic dinner, we will take you to the cable car, where you will enjoy the most beautiful moments during a panoramic gondola ride.

We are happy to eternalize your experience, and at the same time we offer you a photographer who prepares 10 processed photos for you on a personalized USB key.

However, if you wish to continue the romantic experience in the well-kept rooms of the Hotel Krvavec, enjoy a longer sleep, a lazy lying down and a royal breakfast in bed, only inform us when you will book your Piste machine dinner package.

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A winter fairy tale in white or a wedding in the middle of flowering pastures? Marriage is a special event in the life of each of us. Experience the most beautiful day in your life in the arms of the mountains at the highest wedding location in Slovenia. If you want a different, unique and inimitable wedding in the heart of the Kamniško - Savinjske Alps, HOTEL KRVAVEC is the right choice.

The Krvavec Goblin Adventure

Go on The Krvavec Goblin Adventure, which unveils the mysteries of a shepherd's mountain and is a true family adventure!

Summer park 7 activities

Krvavec summer park with active adventures offers the possibility of playing, active leisure and all-day outdoor fun. It is intended for young, individual recreationalists or groups and families. It includes as many as 7 different activities that complement each other, so you can experience everything in one day.

Adrenaline drops

Krvavec Summer park also offers 3 crazy adrenaline drops with mountain go-karts and scooters or by bike along the Bambino trail, which is suitable for beginners in mountain biking and children from 7 years of age, or those, who measure 140 cm or more in height.

Path to Dolga njiva

Dolga njiva is the most picturesque and idyllic mountain far around. It seems like time would not touch it at all.