A winter fairy tale in white or a wedding in the middle of flowering pastures?
Marriage is a special event in the life of each of us. Experience the most beautiful day in your life in the arms of the mountains at the highest wedding location in Slovenia. If you want a different, unique and inimitable wedding in the heart of the Kamniško - Savinjske Alps, HOTEL KRVAVEC is the right choice.

When and where?

A winter fairy tale in white, or a wedding in flowering pastures? On the sun terrace of the highest hotel in Slovenia, you will be accompanied by the scent of flowering mountain herbs and the ringing of cow bells in summer. In winter, however, you will be embraced by the elegant whiteness of the snow. You can have the church marriage in Krvavec since there is an idyllic chapel with a beautiful view on Triglav.


We will bring all the wedding guests to the venue of the wedding. You guys, however, have a number of fun ways to come: chairlift, snowmobile, dog sled or skiing.


The wedding celebration can continue at the Krvavec Beach or at the Hotel Krvavec. The wedding menu is fully customized to your wishes; they can decide for gourmet slow food indulgence, a true alpine dairy feast or something in between.

Wedding celebration and wedding night

Krvavec is the perfect place for a relaxed bridal atmosphere, where the party lasts until early morning. You won't bother anyone here. All weddings will pass the nights at reasonable prices, and the newlywed couple has a wedding suite available for free. This way no one will be in a hurry to go home, everyone will forget about everyday stress and enjoy with you an unforgettable party. There are few locations where you can get more connected with the wedding party. In the morning, you can have breakfast together, evoke memories of the past night and enjoy the beautiful view.

Wedding photography

Moments captured in a photographic lens will, with the right photos, remain forever the memory of your most beautiful day. As an additional service, we also hire a photographer.

Wedding decoration and wedding bouquet

The mountainous environment of the Hotel Krvavec creates a special atmosphere. If you wish, pleasant Marja will help you choose flowers and create a personal wedding decoration, as well as a bridal bouquet that will match your style and mountain environment.

Why a wedding on Krvavec?

  • The beauty of the mountain world conjures up a special romantic atmosphere.
  • Wedding photos are really something special.
  • Beautiful views will enchant you and your guests.
  • Everyone can have fun outdoors outside in a genuine mountain environment.
  • You can have fun late into the night, and you and your wedding guests have fun not worrying, because you can sleep there too. There are few locations, where you can get more connected with the wedding party. In the morning, you can have breakfast together, evoke memories of the past night and enjoy the beautiful view.
  • We can also organize a variety of outdoor picnic events for you.
  • You will be welcomed by the staff of Hotel Krvavec, who will be fully committed to your day

Also check

Ski school

The Krvavec Snow Sports School is run by professionally trained ski and snowboard instructors at the updated children's training ground. Up to the first (right) turns with professionally trained ski and snowboard teachers with the only official snow sports school in Krvavec!

Ski rent and Ski servis

Our service is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for repairing the ski equipment of the Wintersteiger plant. Ceramic disc finish machines give skiers a truly comfortable and easy ski experience. Last but not least, here are our 20 years of ski and board service experiences.

Ski touring

Join us on our Ski touring meeting!

Night sledding

The craziest sledding party ever!

Night sledding is performed on a partially illuminated track, which is specially designed for night sledding on Fridays and Saturdays in the evening.

Snow park

For surfers and skiers, which are attrackted by tricks on various objects and springboards.