Ski touring has become one of the most popular forms of winter recreation in recent years. Because winters and snow conditions are very variable, much of the ski touring has also moved to the ski slopes, since snow cover is provided much earlier and uninterrupted throughout the winter.

We have also adapted to these trends on Krvavec this year with a new SKIALP ticket and a marked climbing route called "SPEEDUP"!

Organized ski touring on Krvavec

Night Tour Meetings: Season 2019/20

  • Meet us on Friday (for detailed dates visit
  • Night tour meetings are intended for all touring ski enthusiasts who would like to spend Friday evenings on ski tours and in good company. The purpose of the meetings is socializing, learning, sharing experiences, fun, etc.
  • Participation in tour meetings is at your own risk.
Pricelist of the tickets for touring meetings on Fridays:
  • SKIALP return ticket for the gondola 15 EUR
    (ticket also includes a snack at Krvavec Beach or Hotel Krvavec)
  • SKIALP return ticket for the gondola 12 EUR
Pricelist of the tickets for touring skiers:
  • SKIALP return ticket for the gondola 18 EUR
    (ticket also includes a snack at Krvavec Beach or Hotel Krvavec)
  • SKIALP ticket without gondola 7 EUR
    (ticket also includes a snack at Krvavec Beach or Hotel Krvavec)
  • SKIALP season ticket for gondola 170 EUR
  • SKIALP season ticket without gondola 70 EUR
  • Access by gondola until 5pm
  • Climbing on the SPEEDUP marked route (along line 1 and line 12 to below Zvoh)
  • Descent or drop is OBLIGATORY on line 10 or 12
  • An intermediate stop and refreshment at Krvavec Beach.
  • Return by gondola at 8 pm

Organiser is Šport 11/11.

Code of conduct for cross-country skiers at the Krvavec ski resort

During operation time of the ski resort 8.00 - 17.00

  • Allowed ascension along the marked route "SPEEDUP"
  • Allowed ascension with touring skis at the edge of the ski slope (when due to lack of snow or other things, ascension on the line is not possible)
  • Crossing the ski slopes is not allowed
  • We recommend special care at turning points
  • Follow the instructions and recommendations of the ski area supervisors

In the time of arranging the ski resort 17.00 – 8.00 the ski resort is CLOSED !

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