Snowbike, popular snow party for everyone!

The popular snow bikes are just adventurous fun for everyone who loves snow. No matter what is your age, physical ability or background, a little different cycling will be unforgettable.

The snowmobile is distinguished by excellent statistics, as practically no injuries are recorded when performing. Not only that snow cycling is safe and fun, it is also suitable for anyone, who may have suffered injuries in the past and can no longer ski. Full-suspension wheel technology and lightweight aluminum frames make it comfortable to ride on different types of snow and terrains. Snow biking is carried out upon prior announcement for closed groups.

Please send an inquiry for further information of the offer.

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Go on The Krvavec Goblin Adventure, which unveils the mysteries of a shepherd's mountain and is a true family adventure!

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Krvavec summer park with active adventures offers the possibility of playing, active leisure and all-day outdoor fun. It is intended for young, individual recreationalists or groups and families. It includes as many as 7 different activities that complement each other, so you can experience everything in one day.

Adrenaline drops

Krvavec Summer park also offers 3 crazy adrenaline drops with mountain go-karts and scooters or by bike along the Bambino trail, which is suitable for beginners in mountain biking and children from 7 years of age, or those, who measure 140 cm or more in height.

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Dolga njiva is the most picturesque and idyllic mountain far around. It seems like time would not touch it at all.