''Šolar na smuči'' is a Slovenian project to raise skiing awareness for school children. The campaign is aimed at popularizing skiing among children and every year achieves a very positive response from schools across Slovenia. Every year, more than 3,000 children participate in the project, returning from the ski slopes with new life experiences and sparks in the eyes, especially those who have encountered this sport for the first time. The action offers a unique opportunity to give your students a free guided ski day in the snow at one of the ski centers involved in the project.

This winter, the campaign will target fourth and fifth graders, from the 20th, until the 24th of January.

Krvavec Ski Center (Krvavec Snow Sports School) is the organizer with the help from Rogla Ski Center (Alpine School), the Maribor Pohorje (ASK Branik Maribor, Cerkno (SD Novinar) and the Gače Ski Center).


Ski Association of Slovenia – alpine discipline, Institut of sport RS Planica
Ministry of the Internal affairs – Police.

We are particularly proud of the ambassador of the campaign, former top skier Jure Košir, who will be actively present in the snow at each location. It is also promised that the honorable patron of the campaign, President of the country, Borut Pahor, will join us one day.

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