Krvavec summer park with active adventures offers the possibility of playing, active leisure and all-day outdoor fun. It is intended for young, individual recreationalists or groups and families. It includes as many as 7 different activities that complement each other, so you can experience everything in one day.

Adventure Park:

Fun for the whole family is based on an adventurous journey to a specially adapted polygon, built in the form of an adventure path through the forest. The polygon connects trees to each other, with various climbing adventures and devices of varying difficulty levels, which are overcome and entertained by the participants.


The trampoline jumper reaches a heigh,t that allows attractive trials and high jumps. The fun is so much more as the jumper has the view of the entire Tiha valley.

Climbing tower:

The climbing tower gives visitors a fun tryout in sports climbing. The tower is made up of four sides of varying complexity, from the lightest to the most difficult directions.


Attractive polygon consisting of elastic ropes, strained between trees, 40-50 cm above the ground. The participants try to overcome the polygon without touching the ground. The activity provides plenty of fun, is completely safe and develops motor skills.

Frisbee Golf:

Different playing fields similar to a golf course. The target hole is represented by a stick and a ring encircled by a chain into which should be attempted by the Frisbee with as few attemps as possible. Great fun for the whole family!


Archery range with different targets, suitable for groups or individuals, but always under the supervision of the instructor.

Downhill with Tube:

The conveyor belt brings you to the start of the track, followed by fun and joy full of downhill by air-pillow along 100 m long winding track.

Also check

Ski school

The Krvavec Snow Sports School is run by professionally trained ski and snowboard instructors at the updated children's training ground. Up to the first (right) turns with professionally trained ski and snowboard teachers with the only official snow sports school in Krvavec!

Ski rent and Ski servis

Our service is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for repairing the ski equipment of the Wintersteiger plant. Ceramic disc finish machines give skiers a truly comfortable and easy ski experience. Last but not least, here are our 20 years of ski and board service experiences.

Ski touring

Join us on our Ski touring meeting!

Night sledding

The craziest sledding party ever!

Night sledding is performed on a partially illuminated track, which is specially designed for night sledding on Fridays and Saturdays in the evening.

Snow park

For surfers and skiers, which are attrackted by tricks on various objects and springboards.