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Business tourism

Meeting room rental and assistance in organising a seminar, business party or teambuilding.
Informal socialising in the nature undoubtedly contributes to the development of good relations between employees whilst also strengthening the feeling of affiliation with the company. At Krvavec you can enjoy exciting opportunities for socialising in the nature in any season. The format, contents and duration of programmes can be tailored to the client's wishes and goals. As such, each programme is uniquely defined and tailored to the participants.

Conference room rental

A spacial conference room is available in the Hotel Krvavec equipped with a projector, a screen and surround system. The conference room accommodates 60 participants and allows for a variety of seating arrangements.


The team-building programme at Krvavec offers fun-filled socialising in natural surroundings while at the same time strengthens team spirit, promotes team work, improves informal communications within the group and increases trust between team members. Individuals or groups can choose between an array of activities depending on the difficulty level, or they can let our instructors take care of the safety and ensure the correct use of all equipment.

Business parties

The Krvavec Hotel and Terrace offer everything you need for your work party. The Hotel has 26 units with 90 beds in total, a conference room inclusive of a projector and a spacial restaurant that seats 150 people. In addition to a wonderful environment, the Hotel offers genuine local cuisine. The Krvavška Terrace is an idylic place in the fresh mountain air where you can have a picnic including a self-service bar and enough space for 300 people.

Cable car dinner

A culinary experience offered by the Dvor Jezeršek and Krištof restaurants surrounded by the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps. On this occasion the Krvavec cable cars turn into small private restaurants, creating a magical culinary environment. A maximum of 4 persons can enjoy a three-course dinner in their own private cable car. Dinner is served between two rides up and two rides down.

The third ride is followed by a stop at the bottom of the ski slope where a sweet surprise awaits. Guests can make the evening complete with a glass of wine and socialising in the nearby alpine hut.

The natural environment and the weather make sure that no two events are the same. The event takes place in the safety of facilities and the Krvavec cable car even in the coldest winter season. ODEJA Škofla Loka, a partner of the Cable car dinner, has provided special blankets to keep all those enjoying the culinary pampering warm and comfortable.

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