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Have a different wedding in the midst of colourful meadows or a winter fairytale. Interested?

If you are hoping for a unique, unforgettable wedding in the Hotel surrounded by the Kamniško - Savinjske Alps, then the Krvavec Hotel has just what you need.
When and where?

Any time in the year. On the sunny terrace of the Krvavec Hotel, the bride and groom will be surrounded by the wonderful scent of flowering herbs and the sound of cowbells. In winter, the bride and groom will be surrounded by a true winter tale. You can say 'I do' amidst the meadows or ski slopes in the presence of a priest in an idyllic chapel with a magnificent view of Triglav. The two of you and your wedding party will enjoy a ride in a specially decorated cable car and chair lift to the Krvavec Hotel where we will do our utmost to make this a magical day for you. 
The wedding party will be lead to the place where the wedding will take place. The bride and groom have a choice of different exciting arrivals: with the chair lift, in a sleigh, a dog-drawn sleigh or even on skis.
You can carry on partying in front or in the Krvavec Hotel. The wedding menu will be completely adapted to your wishes: you can choose between gourmet slow food, food served at the tables, a real alpine feast or something of everything.
Would you like your party to continue until the early hours of the morning? No worries, you will not disturb anyone. Rooms will be offered to the wedding party at special prices while for the bride and groom, the room will be provided free-of-charge. So no one needs to hurry home; instead forget your everyday stress and enjoy a completely relaxed night. There are very few locations where such close integration between the wedding party can be achieved. Krvavec is the right place for a relaxed wedding atmosphere. In the morning you can enjoy breakfast with your party, reminiscent about the night before and admire breathtaking views.
Getting married at Krvavec is a special experience neither you two nor your wedding party are ever likely to forget. 

Why is a wedding at Krvavvec so unique?

  • The altitude where the Hotel Krvavec is located
  • The bride can ski down the isle to her groom
  • Your wedding photos will be unique and special
  • You will be surrounded by breathtaking views
  • Many members of your wedding party will decide to stay all night
  • The fresh mountain air and beautiful surroundings will contribute to your relaxed and jovial atmosphere - like on the first day of vacation.
A wedding at Krvavec is special for the simple reason that your wedding party can enjoy the exceptional views in the fresh air and admire the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding mountain tops. A winter wedding has a special magical quality; the wedding party can take a ride on the cable car, while the bride and groom can choose from a number of exciting rides: a chairlift, sleigh, dog-drawn sleigh or by skiing down the isle.

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