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A myriad of winter and summer sports activities only 25 kilometres from Ljubljana and 8 kilometres from Brnik.

Cerklje na Gorenjskem is a neat place, which lies by the foothills of the Kamniške Alps and Krvavec. This central village, which is built on a fertile field (Cerklje Field) by the brook called Reka under Krvavec, was first mentioned in the middle of the 12th century as Trnovlje and only after 1239 as Cerklje na Gorenjskem. This well-arranged place offers quite a few memorials dedicated to the Slovenians who were born here or inhabited Cerklje.

History of the municipality of Cerklje


The Parish Church of the Annunciation of Mary

The Strmol Castle

The Chapel of Mary of the Snows

The Velesovo Monastery

The village`s small-leaved Linden tree

Opening of runs and snow conditions