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Krvavec Ski Slopes prolong the winter season!

Krvavec Ski Slopes, 2. 4. 2015

Dear Visitors,

After considering several factors, RTC Krvavec has decided to prolong the end of the skiing season from the original April 6 to April 12, although this will include a reduced range of operations.

From Tuesday April 7 to Sunday April 12, the operation of the equipment will be limited to a cable car, the 6-person Vrh Krvavca chairlift, the 4-person Tiha Dolina chairlift and the 2-person Zvoh chairlift. On weekdays, the last chairlift will be reserved for competitions only.

In accordance with this plan, for your leisure we will prepare ski run 1, a lower section of ski run 4 and ski runs 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 18 while, on weekdays, ski run 13 (Zvoh) will be reserved for competitions, as well as a lower section of ski runs 4 and 17 on specified days and on specified terms.

During that period, the equipment will operate from 8 AM to 2 PM, while a circular gondola will be at your service until 3 PM. With a purchased ski pass, this week you can enjoy skiing at half price. Only a daily ski pass will be available at half price for all generations, namely an adult ski pass for 15.5 EUR, and a children’s ski pass for only 8.5 EUR.

As previously mentioned, we considered several factors when making this decision, mainly the very good snow conditions and the favorable weather forecast for the next week, which promises sun and frost. If the long-term weather forecast should be incorrect and we experience bad weather conditions, we reserve the right to end the season sooner and, of course, in that event to inform you in a timely manner through our notification channels (news, internet, Facebook, info points on the ski slopes …).

At the end of the season, we also wish to reward our loyal visitors on weekdays, i.e. the owners of the Monday-Friday season ski passes. Furthermore, from today holders of these ski passes will be allowed to ski every day of the week, i.e. both the upcoming weekends and on Easter Monday.

We hope that as many of you as possible will use the opportunity for budget skiing at the end of the season.

Yours faithfully,

The RTC Krvavec Team

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